The Feudi del Pisciotto winery has a doubly fascinating soul that tells the ancient story of an old wine-making plant, called “Palmento” (from the Latin word Paumentum), used for the pressing of the grapes and their vinification in Greek and Roman times – still intact from 1700 to the present day – and the modern cellar. Restored without any modification, the Palmento is connected to the new cellar fit to produce up to 10,000 hectolitres of wine using the most advanced technologies. The new cellar includes a barricaia with over 700 barriques. Other barriques are placed in the former tinaia visible through the glass floor of the overlying restaurant area.

At Feudi del Pisciotto modernity marries tradition, present also through the honoring of the ancient wine-making process which provided gravity only as an instrument for handling grapes and must: the grapes harvested by hand are transported in small crates on the panoramic roof of the cellar and, through manholes directly connected to the rooms below, they are transferred to the fermentation tanks without the aid of pumps, thus avoiding dispersing the contents of the husk of the grains. Even the bottling premises are at a lower level than the storage tanks, so as to minimize the use of pumps and thereby also obtaining energy savings and limiting the CO2 emissions in the environment.

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