Wine Relais Feudi del Pisciotto is located in a perfect position to make use of the best that South-East Sicily has to offer. The Pisciotto reserve, surrounded by vineyards, is 35 minutes away from the nearest airport (a new one built at Comiso), and an hour away from the one at Catania. Contained within the reserve is the largest cork oak forest in the whole island, which contains also hundreds of essences.
It is also 25 minutes from Caltagirone, which has been the capital of ceramics for 3000 years; the ceramics of Giacomo Alessi are true works of art. It is 35 minutes from Villa Romana del Casale, in Piazza Armerine, newly restored and the only place in the world where, among the details of the mosaics, you can see the first women depicted wearing bikinis. You can also admire the sauna and the architectural perfection of the rooms, the level of culture and the refinement achieved by the Romans. We are also about an hour away from the baroque town of Noto, and just a little bit further from the famous Greek theatres of Syracuse.
For those who like golf, we are 40 minutes away from the two courses of Donnafugata, which hosts a tournament of the European Circuit. For those who prefer fine dining in the near Caltagirone Coria, the first and only restaurant in the province of Catania to be awarded a Michelin star, is certainly not to be missed. Two stars where awarded to Pino Cuttaia, who, in Licata (about 50km from WineRelais Feudi del Pisciotto) boasts the restaurant La Madia, where you can taste the famous “cuttlefish egg”. A few kilometres from the relais, in the historical city centre of Niscemi, at the restaurant Cibus, you can find the specialties of Massimo Bianco and his wife Stefania.
Now onto the sea, which is just over ten kilometres away. The sea breeze alleviates the hot climate amazingly, even in the summer. In about half an hour, you can get to Scoglitti, a city in the commune of Vittoria, with its ancient city centre, its port and a coastline full of large beaches, covered with fine golden dunes.